a jade by any other name would be just as green

a hub for jade, a jade hub, if you will.

hi, i'm jade at least half of the time. i write, i language, i mobage. my carrd is in quick links. it's here until i set up the information on here onto this site if i decide to do that at some point.

i do things some of the time, but they're scattered everywhere, so i'm making a nice little site so that i can come back at any time. the biggest goal i have at the moment is to organize all my language learning resources in nice, neat pages so i don't have to go looking for them when someone asks me for them. also, carrd has a 50 element limit on free accounts, and i am far too cheap and broke to pay for carrd pro.

also where else am i going to put these

web design is my passion delete twitter make a neocities neocities the web is still yours take back the web rediscover the web get firefox safer faster better join the fediverse fuck facebook stop microsoft chinese button translating to 24 hour english chinese website

things you might find on here

  • language learning resources ranging from completely legal to morally (read: legally) reprehensible
  • that's pretty much it


sadgrl made the layout maker. you can thank sparrow for giving me the idea. everything else is a product of my insanity and whatever i can find on my laptop.