a jade by any other name would be just as green


why am i making a website? a friend inspired me, then twitter went to shit, and then i collected language resources one too many times. i said fuck it, i'm not scouring my discord servers for language resources when i can just make a website and put all of them together so that i can send the website to people. i added the other tabs because i realized i could.

i'm jade at least half the time. other names i go by are river, lake, natt, amber, whatever names i can get my hands on. i have plenty of chinese, vietnamese, and japanese names because i like hoarding languages and names. i have so many i can't even remember them all, but i don't intend on writing them down or not adding more.

i speak english, mandarin chinese, and spanish on a really, really good day. i've got some basic literacy in japanese and indonesian and bulgarian, but that's about it on my journey towards being a polyglot eventually. the list of languages i've studied is pretty long if you stretch the definition of studying, but i've got resources for even more languages than that. when i get around to making my language resources pages, i'll link it here. i've dabbled and/or studied most of the languages on that list.

i also like linguistics a Normal amount. i'm particularly interested in psycholinguistics and cognitive neuroscience of language, more specifically cognitive and neural mechanisms for language cognition and production. linguistics is also important to conlanging (language construction). i got resources for both of those, too, if i'm not writing them myself.

fandoms i'm currently in are genshin impact, honkai star rail, and paradox live. if you see hetalia, no you don't. i'm not cringing, you are. if i could count languages as a fandom, i would, but i talk too much about languages for me to need to put that here.

i write sometimes and translate occasionally. i don't know where i'm going to put my translations when i'm already filling up my navigation bar.

"oh, jade, you posted/reblogged/replied/etc someone/something who's problematic!" first off, if it's about fictional characters, shut up. they're not real. they have no rights. leave me alone because i don't care and it does not matter. second, if it's about languages/linguistics and i'm genuinely being insensitive and/or ignorant, then that's fine that's on me and i'll do my due diligence in research. third, no, actually, i'm not obligated to hunt down and attack racists because you said so. racists want you to attack them. i am not touching that shit.

oh yeah, last thing. about tab is about me. languages is language learning resources. fandoms lists my fandoms, some ships, and some works. other is a surprise tool that will help us later.