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genshin impact

fics are posted on ao3. some of them are also posted on sqwa. the ones that i think are reasonably long and fairly good quality are on my carrd here.

pathetically down bad for thoma. runner ups are kazuha, xingqiu, and albedo. kamisato ayato is pretty cool but i think it's because he's a man with trauma and nonexisting coping mechanisms. i also like mika because he also has trauma and nonexisting coping mechanisms. as for the girls, big fan of ayaka and xinyan, not necessarily together or in that order. also a fan of sucrose and nilou and kokomi, just to a lesser extent.

i got ships, yes, but i got too many to list out. pretty much anything goes for me if you can give me a compelling reasons. see below.

discord screenshot of cloud pudding (aether)'s message stating Yeah you can hand jade any ship and 9 out of 10 times she`ll be like pog emote

some ships i like are thomato/wakathoma (i like both dynamics, but i only write thomato because my ayato is a pathetic man), haikaveh/kavehtham (specifically for the "alhaitham is the reincarnation of king deshret" and "kaveh is the reincarnation of the goddess of flowers" tags), diluyaka (for no good reason except because i can), chiyaka/ayakaglia (because my friend has an all/childe agenda and i'm part of it), thomaxiao (they're both protectors with polearms okay), and ayatojean (it's in the same setting as the diluyaka for the record).

not an exhaustive list, i might add. also if someone convinces me to like a tall man who isn't thoma i just might end up shipping them more.

if you were wondering, my biggest ships at the moment are chiyaka/ayakaglia and thomato/wakathoma. still a big fan of thomaxiao, diluyaka, and ayatojean because i have a canon adjacent au for those three. the biggest pairing i ship is xingyun.

paradox live

i do have a dedicated ao3 pseud for paralive here and a sqwa one here, but there's not much there. most of my writing was done on my threadfic twitter account, which no longer exists due to twitter going to shit. i replaced it with a mastodon, which is here.

read my fic "non requiescere on ao3 and sqwa it's my love letter to miyama kei but he just gets nightmares and a fever.

if you couldn't tell, i like miyama kei a lot. it probably wasn't obvious. i like 1nm8, but i like kei the most because he's the easiest to break in half. he's already ruined in canon, which kind of puts me out of a job, but i still do my best. i used to also like hajun a lot more than i do now but that's mostly because hajun isn't as fun to mess with as kei is. the atrocities traumatized hajun. kei is an atrocity. i want him to be boiled.

fanworks permission statement

i have different thoughts on different types of fanworks, so read below for the fanwork you are interested in creating!

i welcome all three of these fanworks based off of my fics! there's no need to notify me. for those posting to ao3 or sqwa, using the "Inspired by" link is enough, but if you're posting elsewhere, putting my name and linking to the original fic will do! if you're posting elsewhere, also leave a comment on the fic that you've made a derivative work, send me an ask on tumblr, or private mention me on the fediverse.
fics inspired by my own fics/ideas
lord knows that i do this all the time, so it'd be Really hypocritical of me to not have a permission statement for this. feel free to write fics inspired by my fics or any ideas i post online (mostly on the fediverse)! if posting to ao3 or sqwa, please use the "Inspired by" link to link your fic to mine and also comment on the fic saying that you wrote a fic inspired by mine! if you're posting elsewhere, please put my name and link back to the original and then comment on the fic that inspired you with the link. alternatively, you can also send me an ask on tumblr or private mention me on the fediverse.
i welcome fanbinding based off of my fanfics! please only share non-editable typeset files (such as PDFs) with other fans. please only handbind my fanworks (no printing service). if you create fanbinding based on my fanwork, there’s no need to notify or credit me beyond using the “Inspired by” link on AO3, but feel free to leave a comment on the fic that inspired you, send me an ask on tumblr, or private mention me on the fediverse! i'd love to see how it turned out!
anything else not covered
please check with me before creating other fanworks of my fanfics! you can reach out by sending me an ask on tumblr, private messaging me on tumblr, or private mentioning me on the fediverse.

this fanworks permissions statement was made with the help of this very cool Fanworks Permission Statement Builder! it's very easy to make one yourself.