a jade by any other name would be just as green


social media

all of the social media accounts that i think are worth knowing about in no particular order. i'm only listing the ones that i actually need to remember and not actually all of my accounts.

also if you're asking, unless otherwise noted, i am active and inactive everywhere at any given time. falling off the face of the online world is a normal and healthy thing to do. i like having a life outside of my computer.


archive of our own
the original jaderiverday on ao3. i don't care if this doesn't count as social media; i list it on my carrd, and it's probably one of the most important sites i'm on. all of my published fanfiction is on here, so if you want my fics, this is where you go.
the not-so-original jaderiverday on sqwa. i made this during the 2023 ddos attacks on ao3 because i realized that now that fanfiction is centralized on ao3, if anything happens to ao3, access to all those fics will disappear with it. still working on reposting works to sqwa, and not all fics will be reposted because of the quality of writing. if you don't like the default color scheme, my favorite site skin is the tide skin - dark (tide skin - mobile fix is identical)



i replaced my old mastodon account bakijak with a new account i made on the polyglot.city instance. i post whatever i want, whenever i want, but it's mostly language posting. i blog updates to this website on there a lot.
alt mastodon account. i finally figured out that i'm going to use this as a non-english alt because the fairy.id instance is mostly chinese. multilingual practice account basically.
another alt mastodon account, this time for the saidtheriver account. i had enough with elon's bullshit, so this is where the threadfics will be going from now on. pretty much the same thing as the old twitter and the new tumblr, just with a character limit of exactly 1984 per toot. thanks fairy.id!


new blog i started because paper.wf went down and i thought i could get the activitypub plugin for wordpress. unfortunately, you have to be on a paid plan to use pluginsn. not much there, but no fics this time, so i made the blogging category. i realized that i am not a huge fan of microblogging character limits. i don't link this to my mastodon account because i get marginally more personal on my blog.


i have a main blog. incredible. it's my first tumblr blog that went through a lot of different changes as my interests changed over time. it doesn't have a similar url as my other usernames, so i think it's a fun little challenge for people to try and find it.
this is my langblr, which on occasion i post and reblog things about the languages that i'm learning at the moment. there are many different languages and many different resources on here that i might put on my languages page at some point in time. i love sucrose.
i made this the first time twitter was going to shit because of elon musk. my dedicated fandom blog, although i do more than just fandom stuff on this blog because of how i've set up my feed. mostly genshin, but as the title implies, a lot more things that remind me of chiyaka. we'll see how long this phase lasts given the fact that chiyaka has like 5 shippers total.
i also made this because twitter was going to shit because of elon musk, the second time around with the whole rebranding nonsense. pretty much just paradox live, but with more text. thank tumblr for unlimited characters.

matrix protocol

i only got this to try out element as a potential discord alternative (it's not the greatest alternative, but it works and it's e2ee, so that's nice). i don't use this at all, but it's nice to be part of two fediverses. i use the element client.


a jade by any other name
discord fucked up big time when they changed their usernames. surprise surprise, this is actually where the name for this website came from! of course, it came from shakespeare's romeo and juliet "a rose by any other name would be just as sweet", but since i'm a jade, and jades are green rocks, the full thing would've been "a jade by any other name would be just as green". it occurs to me that i put my most used social media at the bottom of the list, but i don't take friend requests from everyone, so it's a bit useless.


Buy a jade by any other name a Coffee.
i forgot i had a ko-fi until my sibling mentioned that they might take commissions for their crafts, so i thought, "hey, i have a ko-fi page. i could tell you how to use it, if i actually knew how to use it." so i dusted it off, updated the page to fit my current internet presence (i'm not just a fanfiction writer anymore!), and linked it here. putting it at the very bottom of my page so that it's not too obvious that it exists. i don't think anyone is really going to buy me a coffee, but hey, it's there now.