a jade by any other name

a hub for jade, a jade hub, if you will.

sorry mobile users, i picked this theme because i thought it'd be responsive, but apparently it's not, so either turn your device horizontal or get on desktop.

hi, i'm jade at least half of the time. i write, i language, i mobage. here's my carrd. it's here until i set up the information on here onto this site if i decide to do that at some point.

i do things some of the time, but they're scattered everywhere, so i'm making a nice little site so that i can come back at any time. the biggest goal i have at the moment is to organize all my language learning resources in nice, neat pages so i don't have to go looking for them when someone asks me for them. also, carrd has a 50 element limit on free accounts, and i am far too cheap and broke to pay for carrd pro.

things you might find on here

  • language learning resources ranging from completely legal to morally (read: legally) reprehensible
  • links to ao3 fics (and maybe squidgeworld if i ever get a squidgeworld account)
  • attempts at translating things to english because wow it's a great practice


theme is by repth, so you can find the theme source here. you can thank sparrow for giving me the idea to make a neocities site. everything else is a product of my insanity and whatever i can find on my laptop.