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a jade by any other name


this is the main goal of this site right now, organizing the collection of language resources i've made over my years of language learning. efforts will be made to check that links work, but i can't guarantee that every link will work every time since i've had some of these resources for years. i will also update this page as i add more resources and pick up more languages.

here's some sites with a lot of resources for a lot of different languages that you can get started with

languages in alphabetical order

*arabic and chinese have plenty of not mutually intelligible varieties that may or may not be considered independent "languages". the language vs dialect distinction is a purely political one. i have a lot of different resources for different varieties that won't be applicable across the entire "language". they'll be labeled as such.


honestly, i'll probably link a lot of wikipedia pages here because they're great places to get started for beginners for the most part. the real fun part comes with the conlangs stuff, which i'm separating from linguistics in general.

my interests are mostly in historical linguistics, particularly phonological change. this is mostly because of my conlangs, but i'm also particularly interested in neurolinguistics. that being said, i'm pretty broadly interested in linguistics in general, so anything linked here is probably going to be a mixed bag.


i'm probably going to have a make a whole new page for this because i have a lot to say.